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How do I submit a warranty claim for SRAM, RockShox, and Zipp products?



  • Neal Zorge

    Hi, I recently bought a new bike with all SRAM Red eTap AXS components from my local Specialized dealer.  Right from the start my right hood assembly (and / or shifter, brake lever) rattles.  I'm coming from a very used bike which had Shimano Di2 so I'm not overly sensitive about a minor sound here or there but my right hood is bad.  Even with my hand resting on the hood the right side is noticeably louder than the left especially over rougher asphalt or high speeds.  My bike shop contacted their SRAM rep but they didn't offer much help and didn't offer a warranty replacement. I heard SRAM is moving away from reps so now I'm trying to go direct for some customer service.  By the way, after asking around I've heard that hood rattling happens sometimes with SRAM and it's just hit and miss but I'm not happy with the level of noise coming specifically from the right side on a bike I just spent almost $15k on.  I have receipts, serial numbers or whatever you need upon request.  Please help!  Thank you.

  • Alex M

    Hey Neal,

    Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the AXS family! I am sorry that our meeting is not under better circumstances, but I think we can get this sorted for you.

    A rattly lever like you're describing, especially if it's more apparent in one, is definitely something that a SRAM Technical Support team can evaluate for you. The evaluation process is straightforward but will need to be facilitated between your local authorized SRAM dealer (original point of purchase) and SRAM.

    Please visit your dealer to describe the symptom and request an evaluation. The shop will work with a regional SRAM Service Center to troubleshoot the issue and initiate a warranty claim if needed. 

    SRAM Rider Support


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