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How do I customize the shift actions of my SRAM AXS Controllers using the AXS Mobile App?



  • Tim

    I am trying to configure the shift actions and there appears to be a bug in the updated app.

    I have a Multiclic either side of the stem for shifting on the tops and one on the right drop to enable right hand shifting up and down.

    When I attempt to configure the right Multiclic on the drop (it is connected to a port on the right shifter) as a downshift it removes the downshift option for all left shift and unassigns them. 

    Please help, this is a new bug as I previously had this option working successfully.

  • Alex M

    Hey Tim,

    Thanks for the comment! We have made some changes to Controller Configuration though I was unaware that we'd created this issue. I am very sorry for the trouble it's causing.

    For this issue, it's best to communicate directly, so I have created a support ticket from your comment. Please expect to receive a direct message from our team shortly!

    SRAM Rider Support


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