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What are Enhanced Shift Mode and Multishift, and how do I enable them using the AXS Mobile App?



  • Ferran Bonàs

    I'm using SRAM Red Axs on my new bike. I've been using it for a month in sequential mode and I'm having some issues. My configuration is 48/35 front + 10/33 rear.

    Sometimes (one or two times on every ride) when I'm riding on 48 - 28 and I downshift (so it's suposed to go to 35 - 24), it happens this: the front derailleur changes to 35 chainring (it's ok), but the rear derailleur goes up to 33!!!!! (instead of 24).

    I'm not able to reproduce, it happens random.

    My configuration in the app (iOS) is the following:


  • Alex M

    Hey Ferran,

    Thanks for the detailed report! What you're describing is certainly odd, though it's challenging to say what is causing it. 

    I have created a support ticket from your comment to discuss this in greater detail. Expect a direct message from me shortly!

    SRAM Rider Support

  • Chris Shaw


    Is anyone able to help me with this issue.

    I am using SRAM Red AXS (12 speed) on my new S-Works Tarmac.

    I have enabled "Enhanced Mode - Sequential Shift" which works perfectly when I am going UP the drivetrain however, it does not auto move the Front Derailleur when I am going DOWN the drivetrain (i.e from Front BIG cog to SMALL).

    I have checked to see if I am running the latest firmware and I am.

    Please can anyone advise.

    Many thanks in advance.


  • Alex M

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for your comment, I would be happy to help! What you're describing is not a symptom that I have heard of, but there are a few basic things that we can check.

    1. Complete the AXS Pairing Process

    You will need to re-enable sequential shift mode following pairing.

    1. Connect the group to the AXS Mobile App.
    2. Enter Drivetrain Settings 
    3. Enable Enhanced mode > Sequential
    4. Select the correct cassette size
    5. Retest

    I have also created a support ticket to continue troubleshooting if these steps do not resolve the issue.

    SRAM Rider Support

  • Joel Muñoz


    Im using SRAM RIVAL AXS 10-36T rear with 35/48T front and I would like to know if there is a way to change the point where the front derailleur goes to the small gear while downshifting with sequential mode. The shift is to late where the big front gear is paired with the almost bigger rear gear and the chain is rubbing the inside of the front derailleur plate.

    For example, on the picture above, with the sequential shift mode downshifting, I would do the front gear change in the 21 cassette rather than the 28 one.

    Many thanks,


  • Alex M

    Hello Joel,

    Thanks for your comment! The shift tables of sequential shift mode cannot be adjusted. However, each cassette size has its unique table, so selecting a different cassette within the AXS Mobile App may produce the behavior you're seeking. 

    I've created a support ticket from your comment to discuss this in further detail. 

    SRAM Rider Support


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