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Which RockShox products can I send to SRAM for service?



  • Samuel Smith


    I have a RockShox Revelation fork - FS-RVL-RC3-A2, serial number 05T50430503.

    I am reaching out because I can't find the information I need regarding servicing anywhere, or if I have, I haven't been able to recognise the relevant information as I can't match my exact model. 

    I would like to know which oils/grease I will need, and what quantities go where. 

    I think I've managed to find the correct service kit (11.4018.019.001), please confirm.

    I also can't find any service documents. Can you please send this over, The only one I can find is for Revelation 2013 - but it doesn't appear to apply to my forks. 

    Is the fork I have serviced in the same way as another fork, which has more public information?

    What year is my fork from?  



  • Alex M

    Hey Samual,

    Thanks for reaching out! I've sent you a direct message to assist you with your questions.

    SRAM Rider Support


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