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Why am I unable to adjust my Flight Attendant settings in the SRAM AXS mobile app?



  • Gian Maria Ferri

    I have updated all the components with the latest firmware ( see the picture ) , the App is the latest revision , but after the updating firmware the setting option is disappear from the app .( see the picture ) 

    What can i do ? as it is i can only change gear manually , so NO sequential or compensating

    i have try several time to paire the componenets , re-connect with app but all without any results

    Please could you help me ?

  • Dean

    Hi Gian,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your shift settings. It seems like this may have to do with the component firmware version. I’ve created a support ticket for you, 124334. A member of our Rider Support team will reach out shortly with some troubleshooting steps.



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